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Get It Promotions  specializes in organizing and promoting small to mid-sized concerts with an attention to detail at every level being one of its highest priorities. From hotel accommodations to sound and lights to catering, Get It Promotions is dedicated to the details so the Artist is able to perform at their best and enjoy the experience as much as the fan.

I started Get It Promotions so I could bring great music to fans; to connect Artists with the people who appreciate their craft.

I "get" what music can do to and for a person. I "get" that it can reach down into your soul and soothe, lift your spirits, make you feel not so alone, give you a reason to let it all loose, provide comfort in sad times and put you in the mood to party. Music has a magical power like nothing else.

I persevere to find others that "GET IT". Others that understand that "music is the secret...” My philosophy centers on presenting live entertainment of the highest quality where the fan is respected and plays a role far more important than simply a ticket-buyer. So if you are in a band or are an Artist representative and share this same outlook, please contact me.

Kimberly Zimmer
President – Get It Promotions

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